The profession is copywriter and rewriter. Writing articles on income

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A few decades ago, few people heard about the profession of an editor and rewriter, and it was difficult to imagine what this person could do. Now many companies that offer their products and services have a copywriter. Many people think that an editor is just a person who sits at home and writes articles on the topic he wants. In fact, things are a little different. If you want to know more about this profession, you should read this article on You will find out who is an editor and a rewriter, what he does and how much this person can earn on average.

The profession of copywriter – Who is copywriter?

On the Russian-speaking Internet, an editor is a specialist who writes unique articles for websites on a variety of topics. At the same time, the editor himself, most often, is not a specialist in these topics, but writes articles for order or sale.

The question immediately arises-how can a non-specialist write on a topic unfamiliar to him? What will he write about? To answer these questions, search the Internet for materials on writing, read personal blogs and websites of copywriters. They contain a lot of interesting information about this craft and even about its secrets. In addition, there are many free courses and various mailings for novice copywriters on the Internet. Be sure to take the time to study them. If you are having trouble finding, visit this link.

Today you do not need to be a professional journalist to write texts. Everyone can do this, loves his language, speaks it competently and knows how to work with information. Most writers for writing an article take information from various sources on the Internet, skillfully process it and create their own unique text. That. a kind of rewriting of information on this topic turns out.

Having got an idea of the work of an editor, how, why and why the articles are written, register on the text exchanges. There you can find customers for items and sell ready-made items. For items for sale, write a lot of articles on different topics, then things will go …

The prices for the articles of the editors are different. They depend on your rating on the exchange, experience and volume. On average, for 1000 characters (without spaces) the price is 30-40 rubles.

To fill in the sites, a unique text is needed, companies need to be described in a colorful way, online stores need high-quality product descriptions, search engines need texts with correctly inserted keywords …

Works for an editor-the sea! That is why the profession of copywriter is one of the most demanded on the Internet these days.

The profession of a rewriter – Who is a rewriter?

The word rewrite for independent beginners seems incomprehensible. But it is enough to remember the school hours and you will understand that the greatest difficulty is to pronounce the rewritten word itself, and everything else is already familiar. We all went to school and we know what presentation is. Rewriting is very similar to this process and involves rewriting someone else’s text in your own words. You can choose synonyms, build sentences in a different way, mix paragraphs, but you can not change the meaning of the original text.

Before the advent of the Internet, rewriting was used to convey information to the reader in a different way – more attractive, interesting or exciting.

With the advent of the Internet and search engines, the work of a rewriter has acquired an additional direction. The search robots follow the uniqueness of the documents published on the sites. To fill the site, information already on the network is very often used, so it is very important for a rewriter to follow the uniqueness of his work and maintain it at a high level, which can only be achieved by a complete overhaul of the texts.

Search engines are search engines, they can be fooled by technical rewriting, where it is replaced by a synonym, for example, one word out of four, but articles are written for people, and a person will very quickly determine the similarity of an article with previously encountered material. Sites with such content cause at least distrust among visitors.

In addition to the uniqueness of the text, other strict requirements can be imposed on rewriting. it

  • absence of grammar and spelling errors,
  • lack of fiction and speculation of the rewriter,
  • no comments from rewriter,
  • there should be no personal opinion of the rewriter,
  • there shouldn’t be what’s missing in the source text,
  • outstanding accuracy in quotes and statements, especially from politicians, economists and experts. It is better not to use direct speech, nor to quote at all, but to replace it with indirect speech.
  • The services of a rewriter are used there and for the same purposes as the services of a copywriter. Moreover, rewriting is simply irreplaceable in the process of promoting the website. The rewriter must ensure that his text is consistent with the subject of the source material, especially when the client provides this material himself.

Today’s rewrite price, depending on the complexity and depth, can range from 40 cents to 4 dollars per 1000 characters (at the initial stage, mainly 15-20 rubles per 1000 characters). This is half the price of copyright, but the income here and there depends on the volume, and everything can turn in favor of rewriting.

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