Where do stock exchange traders go on pilgrimage?

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Traders love to make pilgrimages. They leave their apartments and houses and go where they think they can make a huge fortune. Some go to Chile, some to Peru, and some to a completely different country. Every person wants to earn a huge amount of money so as not to deny himself anything. Therefore, many become traders. In this article about Elgreloo.com, you will find out where exchange traders go on pilgrimage, why in these countries and how it affects their income. After reading this article, you will learn a lot of useful and interesting information for yourself.

New York Stock Exchange

And yet they leave! Trade is not a religion and does not claim to be a sacrament, but it is still an unusual work. Perhaps for this reason, most traders can not resist the pilgrimage to professional centers. So many bidders go to Frankfurt am Main, to the stock exchange, where there is a monument to a bull and a bear. The bull is vigorous, beats the ground with his hoof, and the bear has lowered his head and looks upset. This symbolizes the victory of the bulls over the bears.

Speculators also travel to New York on Wall Street by the thousands. They trade via the Internet, but seeing the New York Stock Exchange with their own eyes is considered the pinnacle of happiness for them. However, they love to be photographed, filmed near the Bull Monument on Wall Street. Then they will show these shots to their investors and impress them. This greatly helps traders to invest in management. If a person went to New York, he can not be a loser. Most investors think so. However, they are not devoid of a certain logic.

“Golden” speculators go to the “golden” city – Johannesburg. There is one mine that has given the world more gold than any other mine in the world. The Gold Reef City Museum, built there, is an exact copy of the city of gold miners at the beginning of the last century. In Johannesburg, you can admire the blooming jacaranda, take the Gautrain high – speed train, visit the city of the sun-Sun City. A few hours drive from Johannesburg, this stunning resort is located in the savannah. There are many rides, swimming pools, a valley of waves and there is an animal park nearby – Pilanesberg.

Traders are also not indifferent to Peru. How can you be indifferent to Eldorado? It was there that Francisco Pizarro received the largest ransom in the history of mankind for the supreme Inca. Cuzco is the capital of the ancient empire. Even life-size llamas were made of gold. The lost city of Machu Picchu is located not far from Cusco. Traders love to watch it.

Speculators of “copper” are attracted to Pinochet’s birthplace, Chile. It is a country of paradox. It is very thin and very long. About 4000 kilometers long and several tens, sometimes hundreds of kilometers wide. It will not be difficult to visit the copper mine. You can go to a huge pit in northern Chile and take a picture. If copper prices are high, Chile is booming. If copper prices are low, Chile is withering! Not only the capital of the country, Santiago, but also the seaside town of Valparaiso are interesting for traders. This city is home to the most exotic funicular in the world!

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