Large format printing: what is it, types and advantages

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When companies need to inform their customers about new products, promotions, sales, etc., they think of large format printing. Sooner or later, every entrepreneur is faced with the need to purchase printed products. And it does not matter, it will be a banner that will inform you about new items, a billboard with information about your location, etc.After all, all this has become available thanks to the latest technologies of large-format printing. Large format printing can be of different types. It also has its pros and cons.In this article about, you will find useful and necessary information about large format printing.

What is large format printing and what types of printing exist

Large format printing is digital printing on roll materials that is produced on specialized large format printers or plotters. A picture printed on such devices turns out bright, colorful, easily and quickly attracts the attention of passers-by with bright pictures.

Types of large format printing:

Interior. It provides for the creation of colorful images that will be in the interior of the room. With it, you can revive the design in the hall, offices, premises of the shopping center. It does not lose its quality, so customers will be able to see the picture up close and far.
External. It is located outside the buildings and premises. Perceived only from afar. Durable materials are used that are not influenced by external factors.

Types of materials for large format printing

All materials for large format printing can be divided into the following types:

Vinyl film is by far the most in demand. Such a film can be: glossy, matte, opaque, transparent, light-diffusing, sealant (used for the manufacture of warranty stickers), transport, self-adhesive, magnetic, light accumulator, reflective, one-sided.
Paper. For large format printing, the following types of paper are used: blue-backed paper and backlit paper.

Banner fabric. Very often it is also called a banner canvas. Banner fabric types: backlit, backlit and blackout banner fabric.
Other materials. These include art canvas, mesh, fabric.

Why large format printing is needed: key pros and cons

Large format printing is in great demand. It is used to decorate exhibitions, shop windows and various interiors. Large size images are popular in the outdoor advertising market. Large format printing is used from the image of various prints on clothes and ending with use in the production of furniture. Main advantages:

Can be used outdoors, indoors, on vehicles, in salons. In principle, wherever there is enough space.
Acceptable price;
High quality color reproduction;
For a long time it retains an excellent appearance;
Excellent day and night visibility with backlight.
Provide the necessary information. An interested customer, perhaps already potential, will absorb all your suggestions like a sponge.
As for the shortcomings of large format printing, they are essentially non-existent. Previously, this type of printing was quite expensive. And not every business could afford such luxury. Many companies now offer large format printing services, so the price is much more affordable than before.

How and where to order a large format print

You can order a large format print at the printing house. Today there are a huge number of companies that deal with large-format prints. You can contact one of them. To place an order successfully, you need to decide on the material, the distribution as well as the available deadlines. Be sure to check the prices for their services. For additional questions, you can always contact the managers of a particular company.

That’s all. Now you know all the information about large format printing, what types it is, why it is needed, as well as its main advantages and disadvantages. If you want to attract more customers, increase your sales, this is the ideal option for your business. Today, large format printing occupies a leading position in print advertising and will not yet give way to anyone.

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