Do you have to change jobs or professions?

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Is it worth it to change your profession and how to do it?
Work occupies a large part of our lives, and it is better when it is pleasant. But each of us knows the feeling of an impending crisis, when a new working day causes negative emotions, and you are increasingly thinking about dismissal.

5 signs to know when it’s time to leave work?

Before changing jobs, you need to know if you really need it? Maybe you are just tired and should take an unplanned vacation? Let’s look at 5 signs you really need to quit:

  • Are you afraid of Mondays. You’re in a bad mood on Sunday night. You do not want the next day to come and only think that you did not have time to rest.

  • Only money motivates you. You no longer have your former enthusiasm, and all your functions no longer give you pleasure. You feel that you are holding on only for fear of not paying off your loans and finding yourself without means of subsistence.
  • You have no career ambitions. You do not strive to go one step higher and just automatically perform your previous tasks.
    You are not appreciated. You forgot the last time you heard the praise of your bosses, and the salary level is not commensurate with the work done.

  • You get no pleasure from your work. Even a successfully completed mission and praise from the management does not bring you joy, and weekends and holidays are not a relief.
    All these signs clearly indicate that it is time to leave. But even in such situations, do not rush to burn bridges.

Should you look for a new job right away?

If you are confident in your decision and clearly realize that you are leaving a boring company, give yourself time to look for new opportunities. Do not rush to leave your familiar place. First of all, think about where you would like to work, analyze the labor market and the level of wages for such a position.

But what if you have not decided on a profession? In this case, look for the activities that interest you. Pay attention to your hobbies, maybe they can be monetized? Or do not you have enough skills to realize your dream? Then you can search for training courses or read specialized literature.

Think of yourself. Create a safety cushion for yourself-save money so that after dismissal you do not worry about their absence and do not accept the first offer offered to you. Prepare a good resume and do not forget to ask your boss for a recommendation. Think of acquaintances or influential people who can help you in your search or recommend a position.

When should you not change jobs? ?

When you have definitely decided to leave your unloved job, created a high-quality resume and began to consider vacancies that interest you, pay attention to the following details:

Smell something. If after the interview you have conflicting thoughts, you are not sure of the conscience of the employer – pay attention to this signal, it may not be unfounded.
Discomfort in the office and in the team. It is very important to feel good in a new place, so pay attention to the mood in the office, the behavior of colleagues. If you notice a hostile atmosphere from the first day, ask yourself if you want to be in such an environment all the time.
Change in working conditions. It is not uncommon for employers to “incite” applicants to work dishonestly. They can offer you the job you want with a decent salary and good conditions, but in the end, things are not so rosy.

How to deal with the fear of change?

Any radical change in life is a lot of stress, especially if it is a change in activity. You may be afraid of not taking up the challenge, making a mistake or showing yourself in a ridiculous light. These are all natural reactions of the body and can be easily treated. Think of each experience (good and bad) as an opportunity to learn something new. Prepare for success, think positively, and you will definitely achieve your goal.

Leaving or changing professions is important in time, so do not be afraid to take a bold step. Do not waste your time and energy, and consider dismissal as the next happy step in your life.

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