How can a woman make a career and succeed at work?

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Fighters for gender equality can sleep peacefully: in the modern Western world, women build their careers and reach professional heights on equal terms with men. However, the fact remains a fax: due to psychological and physical characteristics, career progression is somewhat more difficult for women than for men. In this article, has collected useful expert advice for the fair sex who wants to build a successful career. Here we present the recommendations of women who have managed to achieve considerable heights in their professional activities.

What difficulties do women face when trying to build a career?

It is impossible to ignore the fact that most of the top leaders, successful businessmen, civil servants and politicians are men – women’s names are found in financial magazines much less often than men’s, and when trying to remember an outstanding politician, only Margaret Thatcher comes to mind. .

Experts point to a number of objective reasons why women are less in a hurry in the professional field than their male counterparts:

A woman is entrusted with the responsibilities of giving birth and raising children, cooking in everyday life, caring for the house and its inhabitants – all these issues require a lot of time and effort, so the fair sex has to sacrifice either a career, or directly the feminine. principle.
Psychological characteristics – women are much softer and more vulnerable than men. Professional rivalry is difficult for them, because they are used to asserting themselves in other areas. It is more difficult for a woman to decide on a serious conversation with her boss, to “put” in her place a colleague and a number of other things that men can easily cope with.

Lower wages-as statistics show, women on average earn one and a half times less than men in a similar position. It would seem that there are no objective reasons for such inequality, but it is observed even in the most emancipated country in the world – the United States.
As you can see, professional success is not easy for women. Despite a number of these factors, it is still possible to achieve professional heights. Come again? We will discuss this below.

How to build a career: tips for women from senior leaders

Women who have come a long way in the career ladder are well aware of the mistakes and difficulties that will certainly occur on the road to success. They assure that you can become a professional in your field without the obligatory offer to the altar of the work of your personal life and the female principle in general. invites you to familiarize yourself with their recommendations.

Prioritize your life correctly

First of all, a woman must answer to herself the question “What am I ready to sacrifice for the desired position?”A successful career requires huge resources, including a person’s energy and personal time. Many men are ready to stay at work almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while women do not have the means – they have to take care of the child, husband, keep the house clean. In addition, if the beginning of a woman’s career coincides with the period when she founded a family and plans for her children, it is important to understand that when she returns from maternity leave, she will have to build her career from scratch – innovations in all areas of the human. activity appear every day.

Don’t lower your salary expectations

Most managers do not attach importance to the gender of applicants for a vacancy, they care only about the knowledge and skills of a person, as well as his personal qualities. Many women make the mistake of trying to improve their competitiveness compared to men by lowering wage expectations. Before you go to your interview, look for recruitment resources to help you determine your value in the job market.

Get rid of unnecessary and inappropriate modesty

Modesty is certainly a good trait, but in the business world it can be a major obstacle to success. Careers are much better for people who are not afraid to assert themselves, express new ideas or seek promotion. In addition, in enterprises with a large number of employees, the boss is not able to track the career fate of each subordinate. Sometimes it is not at all against increasing wages or promotion to a more important position, you just need to remember and not hesitate to talk about your own merits.

Develop your emotional intelligence

Recently, advanced managers and employees of the human resources department pay great attention to the level of QE (not to be confused with IQ) – this is emotional intelligence, which is responsible for the ability to interact with people around, to adapt well in a new team , the ability to achieve what you want through constructive communication. In this regard, women are in a more advantageous position than men, since their emotional sensitivity is expressed by an order of magnitude higher.

Use your external data correctly

We all somehow evaluate people based on how they look, especially when we first meet. A pleasant and neat appearance will always make a woman’s game, helping to convince a potential employer and colleagues. However, you can not go beyond the limits and use all the female tricks, including combat makeup and revealing clothes – no one will treat you like a professional when you look like a Barbie doll.

Some believe that work, career, promotion are exclusively a male prerogative, while a woman should keep only the hearth. In addition, most women agree with this, but are forced to build a career to support themselves and their families. Anyway, but everyone can become a real professional, regardless of gender, and perhaps despite this.

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