The pros and cons of working freelance

The pros and cons of working freelance

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Remote work in a free schedule causes conflicting feelings for many people. For some, he sits on a beautiful beach with a laptop on his lap and a glass of something in one hand, for others it is instability and lack of fixed income. In the article I will tell you in detail how everything really happens.

Avantages du travail en tant que pigiste

First of all, let’s consider the positive aspects:

  • Combination. You do not have to quit your main job and give up everything you do. The freelancer himself decides what kind of workload to choose, so such an activity will not harm other activities.
  • No trips to the office. This means that transportation and gasoline costs are immediately reduced. No need to waste time on the road, get stuck in traffic jams. At different times of the year, weather conditions are not always pleasant, and waiting for a bus in frost or strong wind can lead to a work stoppage for cold and illness. And on hot summer days you want, on the contrary, to get out of the stuffy office. The independent chooses his place of work, so there is no dependence on transport or weather.
  • There are no corporate standards. Dress code in the office, normal working hours, scheduled meetings are absent from the life of a free worker. A freelancer himself chooses the clothes in which he works (or his absence), decides for himself the time of day and the time he spends on orders.
  • No dependence on the work of others. A freelancer is responsible only for his own work. It never depends on the activities of another person and it can never be blamed for the mistakes of others. A person working in a particular field is a professional, which can be easily proved with your completed orders and portfolio.
  • Free schedule. An independent person independently plans his working day, decides what hours to devote to work and which ones to rest. Some people are as effective as possible at night, which is unacceptable in office work. The advantage of freelancing is that when urgent and urgent issues appear, you do not need to take leave or write different documents, so that he is not dismissed during his absence.
  • Possibility to choose customers. Or, in other words, the freedom to choose the boss and type of work. A freelancer has the ability to take an unlimited number of orders. In addition, it can combine several professions. For example, copywriter and designer of websites or other specialties, a full list of which can be found here . A big plus is that when choosing orders, a freelancer is guided only by his own desires, and not by what the office bosses instruct. Such work brings not only money, but also great pleasure.
  • Self-organization is increasing. A freelancer is a person of very high self-discipline. If there is none, the specialist develops this quality in the process of work. This applies not only to the fulfillment of orders, but also to the lifestyle in general. Such a person becomes more attentive, responsible and begins to pay attention to what he has not paid before, to notice new things. And some professions develop creativity and the ability to see different life situations from different angles.
  • Personal development . A self-employed person independently chooses the area of development and wants to study it. He becomes a professional doing what he likes. Online education allows you to get unlimited education and in a convenient format.
  • Financial independence. The freelancer himself sets the prices for his work. In such activities, there is no upper limit on the salary, it all depends on the perseverance and efficiency of the independent employee. A complete list of the financial situation can be found in this article.

Disadvantages of working as a freelancer

Negative points that freelancers face:

  • Lack of social package. True, a freelancer does not always have a formal employment contract or an entry in a work book. But you can issue an individual entrepreneur and this item from the minus section will go to plus.
  • The opinion of others. Despite the fact that freelancing is gaining popularity, most people continue to think that you can make money only in the office, with the real bosses in the neighboring office (and sometimes in one). And few people think about the expense of their favorite business. For these categories of people (perhaps these are the most expensive people), a freelancer is a parasite who does it, it is not known when and what. Elderly people of the” old school ” are especially prone to such thoughts.
  • Laziness. Working in a free schedule disorients someone who is used to working in the office, and especially to the motivation of bosses (including negatives – you can not do this, we will fire you). I want to postpone it, do it later, then it will not come soon and not for long. The freelancer is certainly not for the lazy who lack personal discipline.
  • Distraction. When working from home, it can be anything – a TV working in the background, family members constantly writhing on various issues. Such moments are not conducive to high efficiency at work. But as an option, you can consider coworking.
  • Lack of communication. Another disadvantage of being independent is the lack of “live”communication. During breaks, you will not be able to approach your colleagues and share news and various information. For an employee who works online, all communication is done on the Internet, with rare calls. The regime of the day is lost. Since there is no need to get up early, the freelancer wakes up whenever he wants. As a result, he also goes to bed at will. Most often, the diet changes, and the person gets up late and goes to bed late.
  • Continuous development. Absolutely all independent trades are experiencing a period of upsurge and development. If a specialist wants to get an excellent salary, he must always be interested in new techniques and approaches in his sector, improve himself and undergo online training. Otherwise, the freelancer will remain at the same level, without career progression.
  • It is very easy to go freelance. If you are not afraid of minuses, you can choose a direction and look for information about it. With minimal experience in the chosen field, you can register on the independent exchange and try to complete the order.

If you are interested in a field in which you have no experience or dreamed of doing something and are afraid to implement your plan, you can take → special online courses .

The training takes place in a convenient format and you can earn with orders already during your studies.

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