Responsibilities of a sales manager

Responsibilities of a sales manager

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Seller performance is extremely important for customer loyalty. This requires sincerity in work and a courteous approach to clients in carrying out their daily responsibilities. In this article, you will learn more about the requirements of sales managers. For many customers, it is a great advantage to be able to go to a large store and get all the help possible when choosing a product. This is especially important when buying expensive products. In these conditions, the activities of the commercial director become especially important. But where else do sales managers need and what do they do? Today will answer all these questions in this article.

What is a sales manager?

A sales manager is a specialist in high demand nowadays. Almost every business needs it, because the main goal of a business is to sell. But who is a sales manager and what does he do? First of all, it is an employee who conducts transactions with customers. Whether it’s potential buyers or people ready to make a purchase.

Any company wants to sell as many products as possible. A manager who knows how to find an approach to each client will help. It must attract, interest and sell the product. Therefore, any specialist should be able not only to sell, but also to promote the product. A good manager can conclude a deal even with people who have never been interested in a particular product.

How to get the trade manager job?

Today you do not need special training to become a sales manager. Although a diploma in “Management”, “Marketing”, “Advertising” will be an additional plus. Often, companies are offered this position after a face-to-face meeting. That is, the role is played by the charisma of the person. Basic requirements for candidates for the position of sales manager:

higher education (in some cases they are accepted with incomplete higher education);
confident PC user;
knowledge of 1C programs and ability to work with electronic catalogs (sometimes they teach);
personal qualities – sociability, stress resistance, ability to work for a result, ability to sell.
It may seem that this kind of work will suit everyone, and everyone can handle it. But as practice shows, only the one who really loves his work and knows how to communicate with others can become a sales manager.

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How much does a sales manager earn?

Surely this question interests many. It is worth saying that there is no exact figure, and it is even difficult to estimate the salary of a sales manager. The fact is that the majority does not work for a rate, but for a percentage. Accordingly, the more sales, the more money. A good seller can earn several thousand dollars a month, but his average salary is 30-40 thousand rubles.

What are the main responsibilities of a sales manager?

As we said, the main task of a sales manager is to conclude a deal with a customer. But not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance. In order to arrive at the final result, the employee must fulfill a number of additional requirements.

  • Market monitoring. In order for a specialist to achieve the desired result, you need to regularly monitor the market situation and, accordingly, find an approach to customers.
  • A polite approach. As the name suggests, a sales manager needs to be polite with your customers. You should speak courteously to customers in all conditions, even despite their stressful condition and nervous antics. Any rude behavior of a sales manager can create a bad reputation for the company. The store has its regular customers only if it remembers them and treats them with respect.
  • Skill. Your employee must have a thorough knowledge of the products offered for sale. This is the alphabet of any company.
  • Report. Each meeting and conversation with clients must be accompanied by a report. It should indicate what results you have achieved or what prevents the conclusion of the agreement. This approach will help you understand what prevents customers from making a purchase and eliminate this factor next time.
  • Develop communication skills. If your sales manager fails to find common ground with customers and does not attract sympathy, your business will never reach the established standard. Language barrier, poor vocabulary, excessive use of slang and neglect of client needs are some of the main reasons for communication barriers. Thus, the training of staff should be aimed at teaching them to speak respectfully, clearly and distinctly.
  • Preparation of commercial offers and presentations. The key point of the sale is a personal meeting between a manager and a customer. Here it must appear to him in all its glory and present the product as best as possible. Commercial supply plays an important role here. By the way, you can read how to write a commercial offer in our article
  • Appearance. In addition to the things mentioned above, the ability to maintain a well-groomed appearance is often essential. It is much easier to trust a person who looks presentable compared to someone who can not even take care of his appearance. In addition to the roles and responsibilities mentioned above, the sales manager must be able to assume the responsibilities of director, cashier from time to time.
  • In general, the work of a sales manager does not require the provision of specific educational materials; work experience, sincerity, diligence and desire to learn are important here.

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