How to become independent: instruction from scratch without experience and training

How to become independent: instruction from scratch without experience and training

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For people who have never worked remotely, self-employment from scratch is confusing – where to start working on the Internet without experience and knowledge. So that there are no more questions, I will tell you everything in as much detail as possible. And if they remain, write in the comments, and I will definitely answer.

How to become legally independent

Many people mistakenly believe that freelancing is an illegal activity, with tax evasion and a complete lack of documentary experience. In fact, the freelancer, like any business, is legally registered.

Once a beginner masters the necessary skills, learns a sufficiently interesting direction and realizes that on the right track he becomes independent or registers an individual entrepreneur, LLC or patent.

Simple steps to start freelancing without experience

The big world of freelancing is easy to master if you understand how to prepare for the new specifics of work, how to plan step by step to realize all your dreams and make your work as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

“Life jacket” in the sea of freelancing.

I want to honestly say right away that a freelancer without skills in a new field from scratch will not earn money on a trip to the Maldives for the first few months. This will surely happen, but not immediately. You will need time to master the new tools, register on exchanges and find customers. Without experience, orders are executed slowly and not as productively as you would like. There are a lot of changes to be made, but over time the salary increases and the time required to complete the order decreases. Therefore, before you become independent from scratch, for the first time you need to postpone a comfortable, not necessarily large amount, to ensure your existence. General information about the salaries of freelancers is available in the article “How much freelancers earn”.


In the coworking space you can find partners to work together
To freelance on the Internet, you need to understand where and how you will spend your working time (home, cafe, art space, etc.). Find out in advance whether everything is in order with the Internet connection, whether your favorite sweets are on the menu, and whether visitors or loud music of the institution will not bother you.

Once you have decided on the future “office” where you will work, it’s time to start working on your computer. Depending on the chosen direction, you need to install different programs. But by default it is worth installing Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, programs for reading PDF text files and learning how to take screenshots. Put a convenient browser in which you will make many bookmarks. Practice your skills by working with the Internet, email, Google programs and cloud services. Be an advanced Internet user, good software and reliable antivirus.

Area of interest.

If you have already selected the sphere, proceed to the next item. Otherwise, decide which services you are interested in. Freelance covers many areas: design, work with texts, the computer sphere, advertising, programmers. To make your work pleasant, you need to choose a field that interests you or get acquainted with popular Internet professions .

“The door to the world of freelancing”.

The next step is to install instant messengers, Skype, connect to high-speed Internet, create a business email. To start earning freelance money, register an email with a neutral name, without milaya_kiska or sladkiy_pupsik in Gmail or Yandex. In the latter case, it would be prudent to create a wallet, since many customers prefer this method of payment. Types of electronic wallets and payment systems:

  • Yandex;
  • Webmoney;
  • Payeer;
  • Advcash;
  • Perfect money;

Download different messengers (WhatsApp, telegram, viber) to your phone to communicate with the client and put something neutral or your usual photo on the avatar. For a beginner, a freelancer without experience, it is important to create a suitable image in front of the client, so it is better to put everything related to work in the right form (pages in social networks, avatars in mails and messengers ) and hide the necessary with privacy settings. Leave a photo in family shorts and with a cigarette for the closest people. Social networks form the first idea of a person, and also allow you to earn a lot of money, especially if the freelancer chose this particular area. In addition-registration on exchanges. You can read an article about them here .

“New World”.

After the previous steps, you can start designing your portfolio. Enter your real name and phone number in the form. It is better to get a work number, indicating the desired communication time. For example, “on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.”. List any experience related to your work. Even if this experience goes back a long time and you do not remember much. Add multiple works, if available. Check out some of the top rated independent portfolios and try to do the same. If the sphere is new, then the most important is self-education. Read as much information as possible in your chosen field, watch a video on YouTube, take orders on the exchange and practice. I warn you in advance-independent work is very difficult in terms of criticism. But fair. Here, no one will turn a blind eye to mistakes and say that “it will do exactly that”. At first you will have many flaws, which customers will constantly tell you about. Therefore, I advise you not to be offended or angry, but to carefully follow all the recommendations and gain invaluable experience. Those who pass the test of criticism will receive great success, recognition and excellent earnings.

“Way to the Maldives”.

Having gone through all the previous points, you already know how to become independent without training. But for some reason it is still not on the cherished islands. The fact is that the path to big earnings is based on professionalism and experience, which are long and difficult to earn on your own.

There is a simple way that allows you to quickly make big gains. You can take online training in a convenient and interesting format. The information in these courses is structured and easy to remember, and the assignments make up the experience and portfolio. All these points allow you to get good earnings already in the learning process. I suggest you familiarize yourself with → selections of the best courses.

Most common questions for beginners

If I fail? In order for everything to go smoothly – choose the most interesting direction, study it and look at the tasks on exchanges in this area. If you are afraid that you will not be in time, discuss all the problems with the client at the same time. If unforeseen circumstances arise, the client will contact other workers or give you extra time.

What if I’m not paid to work? To do this, you need to register only on trusted exchanges . A detailed list can be found in this article.

What if I can’t find customers? This cannot be the case if you sign up on independent exchanges. You need to choose a field, a task and write to the client. If the first does not respond, the other will certainly respond.

How to get rid of the fear of starting? I propose to assign all fears and doubts to online courses. The advantages of such distance training:

  • You will quickly and easily master a new direction.
  • The course guide will help you find a job even during your studies.
  • You can study the material at a convenient time and in a convenient place (remotely).
  • In the “about you” section on the independent exchange, you will add information about the experience, and you can also attach a portfolio, which will guarantee to arouse the interest of the client.

The most important thing is the information medium. Experienced mentors will answer all questions, help you solve incomprehensible situations, tell you how to work as a freelancer, taking into account the chosen specialty.
For those who are ready for the big and interesting world of freelancing, I suggest the first task.

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